St. Cadoc’s Church – Open to All

If you would like to gain access to the church for prayer or quiet contemplation, or simply to look around this historic building, it is accessible at all times during daylight hours via the main door.

To the right of the main door is an electronic key pad which controls the lock by using the combination code set out below. Please check here for the code before visiting the church as the code may change.

To exit the church press the large green button inside the church to the left of the door before opening the door. Please ensure the door locks behind you when you leave.

It goes without saying that the church is a holy place of worship and so please be respectful of this when using the church. Please do not enter the church during services unless you are attending the service.

If you see anything untoward when visiting the church, please report it immediately to one of the church wardens whose contact details are as follows:

Richard Price: 01600 780246
Pip Rumsey: 07919 623775
The door code is 2580

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