Penrhos Village Association – Creating a greater sense of community

Penrhos is a very special place, but outside the good work of the church and its members there is no structure to voice the needs and concerns of the village. Do we need one? There appears to be an appetite for an association for this purpose, with enough locals expressing support to justify looking into it further.

Time to canvas opinion and, if you live in the village, to establish if you or a member of your household would be interested in getting involved with such an association, whether it be peripherally or by being on a committee of like minded individuals. The association would be an inclusive non-faith based organisation open to all within the village.

Our church is in the process of being restored. The restoration is largely being funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund. A condition of that funding is the church must be used for the wider good of the community and not exclusively for Christian worship. A village association could help deliver on that requirement and work with the church and the PCC.

A village association could operate as a single voice for the community. Whether it be for improving our lanes (those potholes!), our feeble Broadband (the Sunday evening go slow) or for arranging a get together within the village (we are somewhat scattered). Or anything else you want it to be.

Please come along to a meeting to discuss this if you would like to get involved or if you simply would like to support the idea of an association. The meeting will be held in the Pavilion at Woodlands Farm in the village starting at 7pm on Friday, 22 June 2018. The meeting will not last more that 90 minutes and, if you are not busy, please stay on after for a drink or two and some food – the village association’s first social event?

A note is being posted through every door in the village ahead of the meeting. Please do read it and, if you have time, come along to the meeting and stay on after for a drink.

A short, one page, constitution for a village association has been prepared for consideration and a draft is attached together with a draft agenda for the village meeting. These are only suggested drafts and can be added to or amended. They have been kept deliberately short.

Penrhos Village Association constitution draft (PDF)

Agenda for the Penrhos Village meeting on Friday, 22 June 2018 (PDF)

Thank you for your support.

Church Screen Competition Winners

Using the suspense formula adopted by reality television, the powers within have kept the results of the Penrhos church screen competition under wraps for months. The results can finally be revealed.

And the adult winner is… dramatic pause … Andrea for her design inspired by the door to the church tower. A worthy winner and her design will now go forward to be incorporated in the final drawings. There may need to be changes to the design as it will need to go through architects, structural engineers, the diocesan committee, the PCC and a faculty must be obtained. The end result may look rather different to Andrea’s excellent design…

The second winner (for the children’s category) – or should we say winners? – are the sibling team, Albie and Iggy Howe. A book token has been provided to enable the boys to buy some entertaining reading matter. It does not have to be church related.

Well done winners and thank you to all those who submitted entries. It is great that so many took an interest and wanted to be involved in the restoration and evolution of our church in Penrhos. As is apparent from the above, there are many hurdles to overcome before we can build the screen, but with the support of the community it will happen.

Caught on camera

This sneaky fox was caught on a wildlife camera trap set up by Vicki in her orchard. She’s pretty sure the fox had a pheasant not someone’s chicken!

Glazed Screen Competition Entries

In November we invited you to submit designs for a screen that will be constructed in the church between the chancel and the nave.

Entries are now in and can be seen below…