Please stay at home!

Corona Virus Update – 23 March

Dear Neighbour

These are unprecedented times where we are all facing significant changes to our lifestyles, but the sun is now shining and although spread out, we are a happy and caring community which wants everyone to feel that they have a friend or neighbour who is looking out for them.

Some people may already be in isolation, whilst others may be tearing their hair out wondering how to keep the children entertained and some may have genuine feelings of fear and many unanswered questions.  So, we would like to connect with you and offer some help where needed. 

We have created a list of people who are very happy to give you a call for a good old chat, share ideas with you to keep everyone in your household occupied, go shopping, pick up prescriptions, do your gardening, walk a dog, post letters and possibly look at a social distancing children and/or adult activity session(s) outside, so that we can all get some fresh air and exercise.  Basically, we want to share the love – at a distance!

We are also thinking of ways in which we can put a smile on everyone’s face from time to time and get creative, whether that’s sharing a funny joke, writing a poem, sharing a photo, playing some music……or many other ideas not yet thought about.

We will keep the village website up to date with ideas and we would love to hear if you have something you could offer to do that will help others smile and keep ourselves busy and connected.

For more information, contact details and advice, please view the full flyer here:

Read all about St Cadoc’s Church

If you are interested in the history of St. Cadoc’s Church, would like to see some old photos, interact with a 3D laser scan of the church or discover what restoration work has been done recently, please take a look at the new About St. Cadoc’s Church section of our website.

Details about how you can access the church are also available within this section on the Access to the Church page.

Penrhos Village Association delivers its first project

The Penrhos Village Association has delivered its first project, to provide Penrhos with a defibrillator. The defibrillator is now installed and working at its site on the wall of the Pavilion at Woodlands Farm Barns. It is part funded by the green energy fund with the remainder being funded through donations and fund raising.

It is now important that as many people as possible are trained to give CPR and to operate the defibrillator. Watch out for training sessions coming soon. These will be advertised on this website or contact Charles at if you are interested in being trained.

The Penrhos Village Association has held two committee meetings since its inception this year and minutes of the meetings are posted on the village website on the village association page. A bank account has been set up to hold funds raised to enable the village association to finance projects.

The village association has been looking into options for improved broadband, as many villagers are frustrated by terrible broadband speeds. Broadway Broadband have concluded a successful pilot in Llanarth and are looking to expand into Penrhos and Llanvapley. You can register your interest in this project at

A huge thank you to all those involved with the Penrhos Village Association and particularly to the members of the committee who give up their time for the wider interests of our community.

Was William Shakespeare’s captain Fluellen born in Penrhos?

An interesting bit of Penrhos history has been discovered by Tom from Church View.

Born in Penrhos and buried in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Sir Roger Williams (1539/1540 – 12 December 1595) was a Welsh soldier who had accompanied Essex during the French campaign of 1592 and had died, tended by Essex to the last, in 1595.

Shakespeare scholar J. Dover Wilson suggested that the character of Fluellen was in fact based on Williams. Wilson insisted that Fluellen was “a careful and unmistakable portrait—a real portrait—of Sir Roger Williams”.

Could this be true and where did he live? If anyone knows more, please let us know!

Read more about it here on Wikipedia >