Fast Broadband more important than ever!

Broadway Broadband is the company providing superfast internet in our area.

Existing customers in the village have been very impressed by all aspects of their product and service and the 50Mbit/s download and 10Mbit/s upload they now have has been transformational especially now that working from home became a necessity!

Broadway is now inviting people in our area to register their interest for ultrafast fibre which could deliver up to 1Gbit/s (1000Mbit/s) download speeds!

It may not seem like you need fibre if you have superfast internet now, but as technology marches on, current superfast broadband speeds will begin to hold us all back in a couple of years.

Ultrafast fibre broadband will depend on enough people registering their interest – there is no obligation to subsequently sign up. If we got this service installed for Penrhos then it would be a fantastic investment for the future for all of us and the next generation!

Please register your interest here: