Autumn 2015 in Penrhos

Penrhos is well known for its beautiful scenery, changing seasons, and changeable weather.  It is surprising how quickly the environment can change from a calm sunny day to a drenching squall, with little or no warning. Many a short walk has ended in a thorough drenching. These photographs were taken on the 13th November 2015, and clearly show how our autumn scenery can change within a matter of minutes. D

Blusterry-day1JR BlusterryDay_4JS Blusterry-day2JS

Sunset over Penrhos December 2014

I think the colours in this photo look like they’ve been manipulated but I assure you they haven’t been.

Sky over Penrhos August 2014

Amazing sky over Penrhos in August

Sunset over Penrhos September 2013

One of the many amazing sunsets over Penrhos. September 2013.