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If you are interested in the history of St. Cadoc’s Church, would like to see some old photos, interact with a 3D laser scan of the church or discover what restoration work has been done recently, please take a look at the new About St. Cadoc’s Church section of our website.

Details about how you can access the church are also available within this section on the Access to the Church page.

Church Screen Competition Winners

Using the suspense formula adopted by reality television, the powers within have kept the results of the Penrhos church screen competition under wraps for months. The results can finally be revealed.

And the adult winner is… dramatic pause … Andrea for her design inspired by the door to the church tower. A worthy winner and her design will now go forward to be incorporated in the final drawings. There may need to be changes to the design as it will need to go through architects, structural engineers, the diocesan committee, the PCC and a faculty must be obtained. The end result may look rather different to Andrea’s excellent design…

The second winner (for the children’s category) – or should we say winners? – are the sibling team, Albie and Iggy Howe. A book token has been provided to enable the boys to buy some entertaining reading matter. It does not have to be church related.

Well done winners and thank you to all those who submitted entries. It is great that so many took an interest and wanted to be involved in the restoration and evolution of our church in Penrhos. As is apparent from the above, there are many hurdles to overcome before we can build the screen, but with the support of the community it will happen.

Glazed Screen Competition Entries

In November we invited you to submit designs for a screen that will be constructed in the church between the chancel and the nave.

Entries are now in and can be seen below…