Cheese & Wine at the Church August 2nd at 7.30pm

Stage 1 of the Church developments is finished and it looks amazing.

To celebrate this we are going to have a Cheese & Wine evening on Thursday August 2nd at 7.30pm. It will be a sort of Opening of the Church now its safe and sound to be in!! Everyone is very welcome especially children so if you have friends or relatives please bring them along and show them our lovely cool church.

Geoff will give us an update on what is happening next for the church.

Church Screen Competition Winners

Using the suspense formula adopted by reality television, the powers within have kept the results of the Penrhos church screen competition under wraps for months. The results can finally be revealed.

And the adult winner is… dramatic pause … Andrea for her design inspired by the door to the church tower. A worthy winner and her design will now go forward to be incorporated in the final drawings. There may need to be changes to the design as it will need to go through architects, structural engineers, the diocesan committee, the PCC and a faculty must be obtained. The end result may look rather different to Andrea’s excellent design…

The second winner (for the children’s category) – or should we say winners? – are the sibling team, Albie and Iggy Howe. A book token has been provided to enable the boys to buy some entertaining reading matter. It does not have to be church related.

Well done winners and thank you to all those who submitted entries. It is great that so many took an interest and wanted to be involved in the restoration and evolution of our church in Penrhos. As is apparent from the above, there are many hurdles to overcome before we can build the screen, but with the support of the community it will happen.

Glazed Screen Competition Entries

In November we invited you to submit designs for a screen that will be constructed in the church between the chancel and the nave.

Entries are now in and can be seen below…

Church Repairs Start!

The repair work to the Church has started on Monday 29th January and should be finished by the end of May 2018.

We finally got all the pieces in place on Friday 26th January !

Sorry it is a bit short notice but we did not want to lose our Contractor.

We hope to post regular updates on the site.

Thanks to Everyone for their help.

Geoff Adams

Can you sketch? Do get involved…

As part of our Heritage Lottery Fund application for the restoration of our church in Penrhos we need to create a space in the church for events, other than the usual faith based services that are currently held there.

There is to be constructed in the arch between the chancel and the nave, a glazed screen with large double doors. This will assist in making the church a multi-functional space. With the doors closed the chancel can be used for small services in a more intimate environment, whereas the nave can be used for functions, such as coffee mornings, yoga classes or any other community uses you can think of which are not necessarily faith based. When the doors are open the whole church can be used for weddings, carol services and other services with larger congregations.

We are running a small village competition for the design of the screen within the arch. Let your imagination run wild. Print off the template for the arch (a scale drawing) which can be downloaded here. There are also three photos of the arch below (taken from both sides and one with dimensions) to help you visualise how the screen might look.

The basic criteria are as follows:

  • All entries should be capable of being printed on an A4 piece of paper using the attached template;
  • All entries must be delivered to Pip Rumsey by post, hand or email at by not later than Sunday, 7 January 2018;
  • The screen must fit within the arch between the nave and the chancel, without needing any alterations to the fabric of the church. The width of the arch is 310cm and the height to the apex of the arch is 360cm (the total width of the chancel is 550cm);
  • The construction will be in wood and toughened glass;
  • The screen should enable the nave to be visible from the chancel and the chancel visible from the nave when the screen doors are closed;
  • When the screen doors are open, there should be an unrestricted view of the altar from all parts of the nave (existing columns allowing);
  • The doors should be able to open fully without causing any blockage within the nave or chancel.

All entries will be displayed on the village website. The entries will be judged by a small committee including Georgina Herrmann, as the screen will be dedicated to the memory of her late husband, Professor Luke Herrmann, who now rests in the churchyard.

The prize will be the glory of being selected as the preferred design, although there will be a further prize for the best entry from a budding designer who is aged 15 years or under.

Any design will ultimately need to be approved by the PCC and the Diocesan Committee and furthermore a Faculty will need to be obtained for the works from the Church in Wales. If changes need to be made to the winning design, please don’t blame the restoration committee…

The arch from the nave looking to the chancel

The arch from the chancel looking to the nave

Internal dimensions of the arch and chancel width in centimetres