Church Update January 2017

A meeting took place in December 2016 about the future of the church.

Summary of meeting

A village meeting was held at Woodlands Farm Barn on 10 December 2016 to discuss the future of St Cadoc’s Church, Penrhos and its urgent need for repair.

There was a good attendance (23 attendees) including Heidi, our vicar. Peter Cobb chaired the meeting supported by Geoff Adams and Charles Horsfield. The agenda covered a wide range of issues associated with the church and in brief the conclusions from the meeting included the following:

  • We have funds allocated from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the development phase (obtaining costed works schedules for the repair, various surveys and a faculty from the Church in Wales ahead of repair works commencing). The HLF funding for carrying out the works and other specific items will not be made available unless the development phase is signed off by the HLF and alternative uses for the church are established (which will need support from the community).
  • The results of the Penrhos Questionnaire were instrumental in our obtaining the funding allocation from the HLF, which included proposals for alternative uses for the church in addition to religious worship.
  • Unanimous support was given to pursuing the pre-construction phase of the project which will be largely funded by the HLF with additional funding from us.
  • Once approved by the HLF the repair works will be funded up to 74% by the Heritage Lottery Fund, based on our initial estimates. Part of the balance, about £5,000, will be funded from donations and fund raising. The meeting confirmed unanimous support for this.
  • The meeting approved creating an exhibition in the church covering its history and restoration including providing windows into the inner workings of the roof space.
  • The meeting approved in principle the installation of wifi in the church and a telecom mast in the church tower which would be funded from existing funds or further donations. This will need further investigation.
  • The meeting approved the installation of a ramp, hearing loop and timed lock to give better access to the church.
  • The meeting approved the removal of the Leylandii, Cypress firs and other non indigenous trees as they are too big for the space and the foundations of the church may be being impacted. Expert advice to be sought to establish whether or not they (together with the copper beech) are affecting the church’s foundations.The Yews must be preserved.
  • The meeting approved the installation of a glass and wood screen with folding doors between the nave and the chancel to make the space more versatile. This will not be funded by the HLF.
  • The meeting unanimously approved the permanent removal of the pews (many of which are in poor repair) and replacing them with attractive chairs, subject to the obtaining of a faculty from the Church in Wales.
  • Alternative uses were considered for the church to support our Lottery funding application. The meeting approved the following uses:
  • As a play area/group and coffee morning social group  for mothers and children;
  • As a book/reading club;
  • As a gardening club;
  • As a Yoga and Jive club; and
  • As a walking/dog walking club
  • The proposal for alternative uses was a key element in our success in being allocated Lottery funding. Alex Glanville (head of property services within the Representative Body of the Church in Wales) has proposed that we incorporate a “glamping” pod in the vestry of the church (with a kitchenette, shower and outside lavatory). This would be funded by the Church in Wales. This was approved by the meeting.

Generous pledges have been made to the church fund. If there are any further pledges that have not been made to date, please let one of the church committee members know.

Full minutes of the meeting are available on request from one of the committee members.

Peter Cobb (chair)

Geoff Adams

Charles Horsfield

Bonnie Janes

Pip Rumsey (warden)