Penrhos key worker appreciation

Church View Sign

In Church View, look what Tom found buried in the garden during his improvement projects! He says we will soon no longer be the road with no name.

And now some new neighbours have moved in to Penrhos overnight…

Happy Easter!

Dear Neighbours, We hope you are keeping safe and well during this period of lockdown.  It’s a tough time for us all and as such we have thought about some activities that you might like to get involved with over the Easter period and beyond:

1.  Key worker appreciation – some of us are creating a scarecrow/figure to appreciate people who are helping with the current situation, whether as front line staff or people keeping the country going e.g nurse/doctor/farmer/shop worker/care worker…and the list goes on.  Please put your creation outside your house for all to see and to make everyone smile.  If a scarecrow is not your thing, then you could create a sunshine or rainbow to go in your window, as other communities have also been doing.  We look forward to seeing your handiwork – the first few have already appeared, so keep an eye out when out doing your daily exercise!

2.  Easter egg hunt.  On Easter Sunday (anytime from 9 a.m.), please come along and enjoy the Easter egg hunt that we shall be setting up.  Easter eggs made out of cardboard or blown eggs will be hidden in the hedgerows around the ‘triangle’ in the village i.e. down past Pentwyn Farm, turn right and past White House Farm, turn right and return past Woodlands Farm.  If you manage to find all 20 eggs, treat yourself to a chocolate egg or two, which will be on a table near the defibrillator at Woodlands Farm Barns. Safety – please keep your 2m distance from others and either walk behind others or go in the opposite direction.

3.  Public telephone box competition.  The poor old red telephone box that sits outside the church is looking a little sad these days and could do with being repurposed. We would love it if you would email us your ideas for an alternative use.  You could also draw a picture of how it might look, write a description, or simply tell us how you think it could be used in the future. The winning entry will have their idea turn into a reality (permissions permitting!)

4. Release your inner creator.  This extraordinary time will undoubtedly go down in history – let’s give that history some real interest by telling others what life was really like in lockdown. You could write a poem, draw a picture, take a photograph, write a mini diary, record a song or prayer.  We shall put entries onto the website for all to see.  

We look forward to seeing and possibly hearing about your ideas – get creative, Penrhos!


Village helpers while in lockdown

During the current lockdown situation, several people in the village have made themselve avaiable to help those deemed as vulnerable and those in self-isolation (in other words those not able to go out of their house/garden).

The volunteers are happy to pick up supplies such as emergency food and prescriptions.

One volunteer will go out for essentials each day from Monday to Friday.

If you need something picking up, please email or contact Clare, Charles, Mat, Alex & Pete or Vicki.

Fast Broadband more important than ever!

Broadway Broadband is the company providing superfast internet in our area.

Existing customers in the village have been very impressed by all aspects of their product and service and the 50Mbit/s download and 10Mbit/s upload they now have has been transformational especially now that working from home became a necessity!

Broadway is now inviting people in our area to register their interest for ultrafast fibre which could deliver up to 1Gbit/s (1000Mbit/s) download speeds!

It may not seem like you need fibre if you have superfast internet now, but as technology marches on, current superfast broadband speeds will begin to hold us all back in a couple of years.

Ultrafast fibre broadband will depend on enough people registering their interest – there is no obligation to subsequently sign up. If we got this service installed for Penrhos then it would be a fantastic investment for the future for all of us and the next generation!

Please register your interest here: