Village helpers while in lockdown

During the current lockdown situation, several people in the village have made themselve avaiable to help those deemed as vulnerable and those in self-isolation (in other words those not able to go out of their house/garden).

The volunteers are happy to pick up supplies such as emergency food and prescriptions.

One volunteer will go out for essentials each day from Monday to Friday.

If you need something picking up, please email or contact Clare, Charles, Mat, Alex & Pete or Vicki.

Fast Broadband more important than ever!

Broadway Broadband is the company providing superfast internet in our area.

Existing customers in the village have been very impressed by all aspects of their product and service and the 50Mbit/s download and 10Mbit/s upload they now have has been transformational especially now that working from home became a necessity!

Broadway is now inviting people in our area to register their interest for ultrafast fibre which could deliver up to 1Gbit/s (1000Mbit/s) download speeds!

It may not seem like you need fibre if you have superfast internet now, but as technology marches on, current superfast broadband speeds will begin to hold us all back in a couple of years.

Ultrafast fibre broadband will depend on enough people registering their interest – there is no obligation to subsequently sign up. If we got this service installed for Penrhos then it would be a fantastic investment for the future for all of us and the next generation!

Please register your interest here:

Please stay at home!

Corona Virus Update – 23 March

Dear Neighbour

These are unprecedented times where we are all facing significant changes to our lifestyles, but the sun is now shining and although spread out, we are a happy and caring community which wants everyone to feel that they have a friend or neighbour who is looking out for them.

Some people may already be in isolation, whilst others may be tearing their hair out wondering how to keep the children entertained and some may have genuine feelings of fear and many unanswered questions.  So, we would like to connect with you and offer some help where needed. 

We have created a list of people who are very happy to give you a call for a good old chat, share ideas with you to keep everyone in your household occupied, go shopping, pick up prescriptions, do your gardening, walk a dog, post letters and possibly look at a social distancing children and/or adult activity session(s) outside, so that we can all get some fresh air and exercise.  Basically, we want to share the love – at a distance!

We are also thinking of ways in which we can put a smile on everyone’s face from time to time and get creative, whether that’s sharing a funny joke, writing a poem, sharing a photo, playing some music……or many other ideas not yet thought about.

We will keep the village website up to date with ideas and we would love to hear if you have something you could offer to do that will help others smile and keep ourselves busy and connected.

For more information, contact details and advice, please view the full flyer here:

Read all about St Cadoc’s Church

If you are interested in the history of St. Cadoc’s Church, would like to see some old photos, interact with a 3D laser scan of the church or discover what restoration work has been done recently, please take a look at the new About St. Cadoc’s Church section of our website.

Details about how you can access the church are also available within this section on the Access to the Church page.